The Blacklist season 4

4x03: Miles McGrath

Imagen para el episodio 4x3: Miles McGrath

Liz keeps discovering some true facts about her background while Red tries to make some progress on the investigation. Meanwhile, Harold and the rest of the group take Miles McGrath in, a dangerous criminal that may have some valuable information

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4x04: Gaita

Imagen para el episodio 4x4: Gaita

While Tom tries to handle a personal situation by his own means, Red manages to make Liz and the task force go after a criminal (an eco-terrist) that is somehow related to Alexander Kirk, This is the fourth episode of season 4

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4x09: Lipet's Seafood

Imagen para el episodio 4x9: Lipet's Seafood

After the events involving Aram's girlfriend and the hack into the FBI, Raymond Reddington finds a way to get positive results from the situation. Meanwhile, a dangerous terrorist sets up a plan inside the US and the loyalty of every member of the team is tested

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4x14: The Architect

Imagen para el episodio 4x14: The Architect

In this exciting episode of The Black Tom will work hard to find information about his early days. Meanwhile, Reddington tries to solve working-related problems and Aram works on a high-risk operation: he must go undercover to catch a fearless criminal

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